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At Heart Smart Australia our Dietitians help individuals improve and/or manage their heart health through educating and empowering members to make long-term lifestyle change. 

Simple, Evidence-Based Recommendations that Support Sustainable Change.

Heart Smart Australia was formed to help everyday Australians combat the growing epidemic of Heart Disease. Our Dietitians provide proven, evidence-based recommendations and support our members to make simple and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Improve Heart Health, Energy, Confidence and Lose Weight

Heart Smart Australia was developed based on evidence-based guidelines.  Our Dietitians work with our members to create sustainable lifestyle change to prevent, manage and treat heart disease.

Purpose. Strategy. Accountability.
Mindset. Nutrition. Movement

Our philosophy and approach to getting heart is simple but powerful.

We focus on six interrelated components such as purpose, strategy, accountability, mindset, nutrition and movement.

With this holistic approach, we’ve helped thousands of clients improve their heart health, reduce their risk of disease and live a happier, healthier life –  without strict exercise regimes or giving up foods they love most.

Why Heart Smart Australia is different.

At Heart Smart Australia, we understand everyone is unique, and that their lifestyles and bodies are different.  Thats why our science-backed programs are personalised to YOU and your health markers, lifestyle and goals – rather than using a cookie-cutter apporach.

We also believe that one-on-one support with an expert is the key to success. With frequent calls with your Accredited Dietitian and Health Coach plus 24/7 access to an all-inclusive app, recipe guides, a private online community and more, you’re guaranteed to feel supported every step of the way.

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I joined Heart Smart Australia 5 weeks ago, and I was ready for change. I am 53, post-menopausal, so discouraged with low self-esteem, constant weight gain and lack of motivation. I’ve found that weekly guidance with my beautiful dietitian, regular checking in from the team, and the online app and connection with others on the program has been a major turning point for me.

In 4 weeks, I’ve lost cms off my waist, chest and hips, my blood pressure has dropped, and I know I have lowered my high cholesterol level. I’m so encouraged and know that it is through this great program that I have kept up my motivation and have hope for a healthy future!


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